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Spiritual Healing


My work is aimed at supporting you:

 getting clarity, feeling essence and seeing priorities,

receive healing and guidance in your process.

Embracing truth and who you truly are.

Learning how to navigate the new energy arising on Earth.


Fully awaken & embody Light consciousness in yourself,

so you can live in your own sovereign power.


Healing work

Sessions dedicated to receiving

healing, restoration & transformation 

to support your process.

Helping you release, heal, gain insight

and find peace and joy in every day


Spiritual Coaching

I offer guidance, support & healing

in a coaching journey of 1-3 months.

(An occasional session is also possible)

Every journey and session is always attuned to your specific needs


Spiritual Mentoring

This is a mentoring journey for teenagers and young adults (14-25yrs)

Supporting you

to find your way in

this rapidly evolving & changing world


Specific work

Here you can find some specific supports,

that are not necessarily connected

to healing work in yourself.

Clearing places & spaces of lingering energy.


Support in receiving a new life coming in 💗

Guiding the process of passing out of life...

This is Sacred work

& I feel truly honoured

to be of service !


Earth Healing

From a deep heart connection 

we can support our beautiful Mother 

to release, heal and restore.

With our loving attention 

we co-create a new way of being,

of living together and sharing

a planet of abundance & joy!

There are many approaches to this,

have a look at those that I offer.


Healing Support

Several sound healing workshops

are given throughout the year.


I also create meditations

and sound journeys on a regular base.


Sometimes online or live classes

around a variety of topics are offered.


You can also find a collection

of inspirational talks 

to enhance your sovereignty!

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