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Regenerative Culture


Co-creating regenerative communities

Living our lives as sovereign beings while

Becoming stewards of this beautiful earth

So we can thrive in loving prosperity

For all the generations to come!

We are on a collective journey, reinventing ourselves and our world.

Reconnecting with our loving nature, we can co-create a new way of being,

of living & working together, sharing a planet of abundance & joy!

This means looking at our interactions in a more holistic & regenerative way.

Recalibrate our values and find different ways of organising & governing.

Ever since I was a teenager, I knew the current way of living together isn't sustainable in the long run!   I travelled to many foreign countries, experiencing different cultures & learning about community.  

Exploring community life in Belgium, starting up an éco-village project in France, supporting developing groups & learning about regenerative community building, combined with my skills as a social worker,

has given me a solid base to provide counseling and coaching in regenerative community processes.


Community counseling

This can take the shape

of one or a few sessions,

where you can receive

information, counseling & tools

to support your process

of regenerative community building,

involving the whole group or a subgroup of your community.

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Trainings & Workshops

Develop & anchor

your mentoring capacities.


Deepening your skills

through practical tools 

but also with theoretical frameworks

& the wider knowledge field of Regenerative Community

(e.g. from 8Shields)


Community coaching

This is a more extensive involvement,

where you'll receive mentoring

in managing your project

in a holistic, regenerative way.

I offer you support

on all levels of co-creating,

organising & developing your project,

both practical and spiritual.

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