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Spiritual Mentoring: My Inner Journey

This is a mentoring journey for teenagers and young adults (14-25yrs)

who are struggling to find their way in this rapidly evolving & changing world,

to support them in getting new bearings while receiving healing & tools for re-alignment

so they can embrace themselves more fully & discover a way of living

life in alignment with their Spirit Path...

I offer healing, guidance and tools of support

in a 3-step mentoring program

over a period of 3-6 months

in weekly & every two weeks-sessions

This journey is attuned to your specific needs

and can be connected to group work

to anchor the content more widely/strongly

It can also be combined

with the workshops or classes

to immerse yourself fully and deeply

into awareness & practices

Get in touch with me

for an explorative meeting,

this is free of charge

Anchoring in Truth

In this first step

you'll get new bearings for life,

to look at reality from another perspective

Learning about the Light body,

the consciousness on Earth & Unity

and how to navigate this new energy arising!

You'll receive tools to support you

and guidance to connect yourself

to life in a different way...


Embracing Myself

In this second phase

the main focus lies on receiving healing,

learning how to release strong emotions

and finding more balance & flow...

You'll learn how to center yourself and 

how to connect to your inner guidance.

You'll receive tools to express yourself,

connect deeper to nature & integrate

your awareness back into your life!

Finding my way...

In this third step

you'll learn how to be present

with yourself and others,

receiving tools to connect more deeply

to everything around you!

We'll look at your unique gifts & talents,

and you'll receive guidance to align yourself

more with the essence of your Spirit,

so you can embody & expand yourself

as you grow into your new consciousness!


Practical Information

After the exploration, we will plan the first sessions to start the journey,

the further pace will then be decided together, depending on what emerges & what is needed. The program is circulair in nature, there is an organic, non-linear flow.

You'll also receive some homework, extra resources & the opportunity for connecting to others.

One session takes one hour, the price is 55E and will need to be paid upfront.

Usually there are 2 to 3 sessions in one month, a whole journey takes between 3 to 6 months.

You can combine the journey with extra classes or workshops, to support your healing work, deepen your knowledge or learn new practices & exchange experiences ❤️

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