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Healing work

In these times of challenge & change,

it is crucial to have acces

to many different ways of support:

to gain insight, to release, heal and restore your Self.


A healing session:

Together we discover the essence of your request for support.

We'll uncover different aspects and aim for sovereign alignment in your healing process.

Supporting your in-sight to recognise truth, helping you to release, heal and restore connection.

So you can start to embody your true Self and find peace & joy in every day.

Attuning myself to what is needed in the moment, 

I work with sound healing, combined with other forms of healing work:

shamanic medicines, light work, channeling, guided journeying,...

More information about this you can find here 


It is important for me to work in alignment

for your highest good, in the here and the now,

and of course starting from what we agree upon together. 

The nature of my work is pure & simple, aimed at essence. 

I developed a skill set that fits me perfectly.

Elements for our work together can be:
    • light work, energy healing

    • informational & coaching aspects 

    • Sacred Song (this is a channeled healing song, just for you)

    • guided meditations or sound journeys (attuned to your process)

    • shamanic practices & medicine (example: ancestral work, depossession,...)

    • a Soul Retrieval session 

    • specific Reiki-healing work

    • use of oracle cards (for example: the Dragon's Oracle, the Medicine Wheel Cards)

    • ...                                                                                    

For example: you are experiencing deep feelings of grief and want support for healing.

We talk about what happened and explore what you are feeling.

I use energy healing & shamanic tools to bring relief and guidance.

This brings into awareness that a Soul Retrieval session is appropriate. We plan this for next time.

In preparation we look at creating an affirmation to support the process and look at some practical things

you can already do during the coming week. 

Another example: you want to able to connect better to your own energy and embody it more.

We explore how you connect to yourself now, while I also give information about the energy body.

I attune myself to do some energy or light work, aimed at bringing release or healing in certain aspects.

We exchange about what happened. Next we do a guided meditation to explore the essence of your energy. This could be followed by some sound work, to support you and hold space

while you stay attuned in your energy field, to strengthen your connection to it.

After sharing our experience, we decide on the next step and maybe end with a sacred song

that can also support you in the next week/time period.

Depending on what comes up and how deep the required work is,

this sequence could also be spread over more appointments.

These are just some examples of how things could combine, there are

many more possibilities and also a focused session (= doing just one thing)

is certainly an option, like a Soul Retrieval session.

How do we get started?

You send me a request for a free exploring conversation, in which we'll look at what is going on in your life, where you want to go and what is needed for this to happen, so, how I can best support you on your path. We'll plan the first sessions & agree on practical issues. Sessions can be online and/or in a live setting.



Price:         88E/session



You send me email to or using 

requesting a free explorative conversation 

          -> mention what days and times are most convenient

I'll reply to your email with a few proposals to have an online meeting together to see how I can support you.

In the exploration, if we decide to work together,

we'll plan the first session & agree upon the pace.

Note: A certain level of experience is required for this healing work. Also, it is not psycho-therapy.

You need to be familiar with self-regulation & attunement, and have some experience in meditating/mindfulness.

During the exploration call we can talk about this. Healing work can certainly be combined with other healing methods!

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