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Specific Healing Work

Clearing of houses & places

If you feel like there is a remnant of energy or awareness in your home or places you are connected to,

you can contact me for a clearing session,

both online and live sessions are available for this.

Usually it takes about 90 minutes and often one session is enough to free your space of the interfering energy.

Feel free to contact me for more information

Support for receiving an in-coming child

When a Soul enters into this world,

it is important to welcome it, 

to make profound contact and guide

this Life-spark as it starts on it's journey...

To give support as needed

& establish a deep, loving connection.

You can contact me

if you would like guidance in this.

This work can be done live or online.

Note: it is not about the actual giving birth, this work is all done before that!

Guidance for Passing-over

When a Soul prepares to leave this world, 

it is important this can be done in an accepting, loving way...with the possibility to release & connect, to deeply anchor and

at the same time, to let go...

Receiving healing energy and supportive guidance to pass over in gentle, loving way 

If you would like to support a Soul you know is leaving or just left, please reach out to me!

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