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Earth Healing

Our beautiful planet is going through a deep transformation

and we as her children are needed to connect to this process

so we can learn how to support this amazing change

from deep within ourselves, from a deep ❤️ connection 

and most importantly, we need to do this together!

With our loving attention & focus

we can co-create a new way of being,

of living together and sharing

a planet of abundance & joy!

Both in a practical, live way

as by means of online healing meditations

I want to support the Earth Healing work.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions 


Healing the Land

In my every day life, I devote time to healing the Earth. This work has many different faces and are always done in cooperation and with guidance of my guides. 

If you have certain Earth healing work you would like to do

but don't know how to approach this

or would like to do in collaboration with me

please don't hesitate to reach out! 

Together we will  be guided to create

 a new future for this wonderful planet



Earth Healing
Group meditations

In these online meditations

I'll guide us into a healing journey

to collectively support, harmonize, charge,

heal or reconnect specific places on Earth.

It can be raging forest fires, major pollutions, massive storms or other devastating occurrences,

including endangered animal or human life... 

We have the power to influence these events,

to redirect the destructive energies

with our focused attention

It is our birth right and our job,

as stewards of this 

beautiful planet!


Check out the meditations that are currently planned 

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