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Sound healing

Sound healing is a beautiful, direct way of receiving healing energy into your body.

While being held in a field of grace & unconditional love, you receive that which you need the most,

to support your healing journey and bring renewed energy into your systems.

Sound healing works deeply,

affecting your body on a physical, emotional & etherical level,

bringing healing, release, restoration & relaxation, revitalising your energy.

When giving sound healing, I use my voice and various instruments

in an intuitive and attuned way, supporting deep recalibration.  


There are different ways you can experience sound healing with me:


Sacred Sound Session

When I give healing sessions,

sound is always a part of this. 

But sound can also be the ONLY tool I use

letting healing vibrations flow through me

 using some instruments & mainly my voice,

to embody a sacred healing song for you. 



I offer several

sound healing workshops

from different approaches

throughout the year.


Sound journeys & meditations

On a regular base,

I create guided meditations

and sound journeys

for release, healing

and as deepening practices.

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