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In the silence of your Heart                 

                                 you can hear your Soul sing    โค๏ธ



๐ŸŒˆ Welcome to Flow...a place to help you grow!


So happy to offer you my services,

so YOU can shine all your light, loving & bright!


As you navigate through these pages, 

you will find a treasure of tools

to help you in these rapidly evolving times!


Especially for struggling teenagers & adolescents,

there's a spiritual mentoring journey

to support them in getting new bearings,

receiving healing & align themselves to their Soul Path โค๏ธ


The top menu holds my healing & coaching work options,

whereas just below here you can find the links to classes, workshops, meditations & sovereign support.


Deeper down the page you'll find some testimonials about my work and a link to an amazing écovillage project.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or specific requests 


If you want to stay up-to-date, you can always subscribe for my newsletter 

or keep an eye on my YouTube-channel (Flow) or via my Facebook-page Shi Vaya. 





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A wonderful meditation to help you release what doesn't serve you anymore

receive healing & experience infuse or charge your energy field & regain your strength!


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Sound healing concert Hasselt & Schaffen

Thu. 20/10 & Fri. 28/10

A moment of deep relaxation,

release & healing

while you dream away

on the wonderful sounds

& fragrant aroma's.


A true gift to yourself!



More information & subscription here





Trance dance


Sunday 13/11

A trance dance is an intuitive dance. You are blindfolded & like this

you connect deeply to your inner world & experience it's expression in your body. You can release emotions, receive healing or energy, new insights


An amazing dancing journey!


More information & subscription here 

Workshops & Classes



Several workshops & classes

will be given throughout the year!


Next up is the workshop:

The Healing embrace of Sound

A wonderful way 

to explore sound healing


You can find more information here 


Meditations & Sovereign Support


Online meditations will happen

on a regular base

and a selection of inspiring

talks to enhance your sovereignty




On the overview pages 

you will find the planning

& more information



It is more important then ever, to have access to guidance & support, 

so we are able to deeply reconnect with ourselves,

each other and the world around us!


To learn how to connect with and navigate the new energy arising on earth, 

so we can create a different world together, based on love ๐Ÿ’•

I am so grateful to be of Service in these difficult times, 

to be available for support, healing and reconnection. 


Come and become JOY-full :) :) :)



Yours truly,              Joyce



I had the privilege to receive a sound healing journey by Joyce twice, such a treat!
It is really a journey I'm on
where the sounds bring me to all different places.
The loving energy and care is so nurturing, beautiful!
It's clear that Joyce is a skilled professional;
in the sounds that she uses and in space holding.
An experience I recommend to all!

Joyce's sound healing is extraordinary.

I went in with very little expectations and was so happy I went in the end!

Her sound healing is better than most because she has a wide variety of instruments that make the experience really vivid & magical! It was a full mind, body and soul experience,

I could feel it's effect in many levels at the same time. It allowed me to surrender completely.

I was finally able to cry for the first time in months after the session, and found Joyce to be very supportive and attuned to hold this space. I had many realizations, visions and insights during it and later on that night in my dreams. I found this experience to be one of my new most useful healing methods and am so grateful I started working with Joyce.


Joyce gives deep energy healings, while working with her guides.

Using Reiki, sounds & voice she gives healing as needed,

in attunement with you & your system, for example to free blockages,

so your energy can flow freely again. 

If she sings you a healing song,

she will record it for you to take home,

so you can re-listen to it whenever you feel like it,

this then deepens the healing effect, I find.

Results of a healing can range from deep relaxation,

releasing or having emotional break-throughs.

She also will convey to you what she saw or felt

during the healing work and share any additional messages she received.

This can be very helpful information for your healing process.

I would definitely recommend her work!



The soundhealing concert was a beautiful experience.

Not only were there the relaxing vibrations of singing bowls

& other traditional instruments you'd expect on a concert like this.

The were also more 'exciting' moments,

that took you deeper into a more earthly dimension.

You can really feel this is not a fixed program you're listening to.

You can feel Joyce letting herself be guided by what comes up in the moment.

That makes it into a real experience, that goes deeper

than just blissfully dreaming away with the sweet sounds!


Man, anonymous                               

A sound healing concert by Joyce is a bath of sensory experiences. 

Different energetic layers are being touched, one by one.

And while you are sinking into those layers,

the sounds string themselves together in a vibrating field.

wonderful place where you can just lay down in 'all that is'

and connect to your higher self.

felt touched, charged and at the same time empty & relaxed.

A delightful experience! 


You succeed every time to work in a certain theme through your choice of music,

so in no time you are lingering in heavenly realms.

What really speaks to me in the build up of the performance, are the different dance rhythms,

that you can carry out intuitively, in function of the emotions that arise for you in the moment.

Sharing about your experiences afterwards is always a part of the evening with you. 




With great joy & a heart full of love & light,

I hereby announce the creation process of Pierefitte!

A place in the world to live, learn, to grow & to heal  ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’•



                          Born from a communal vision,

                       an ecovillage is being co-created

               in the heart of the Morvan, a 'Parc Naturel',

                         situated in Burgundy, France!                

                                                            Would you like to know more?

                                       Do you want to be kept up to date about its evolutions?


                                          Let us know by mail:

                                                        Or have a look at the website:  


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