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Be the change you want to see in the world!
                                                              Inspired by Gandhi

On the overview page you can find links

to all workshops, meditations, classes and sovereign support


I schedule workshops & classes on a regular base, live or online,

there is always a minimum amount of participants required.

The main language is English, so people from all over the world can join & have access to the material. 

If a certain workshop or class only has dutch participants, the language can of course be switched to Dutch.

There is the possibility to book me to give a certain class or workshop,

in a live setting or online (exception: sound healing is only possible in a live setting)

This can for example be part of a course weekend, an Open Day or as a treat at the end of a training,...

Feel free to contact me and explore the options together

On the planning page you'll find all of the upcoming workshops & classes.

Including the sound healing workshops, concerts & circles (these will probably happen after the summer)

Also the online meditations & the sovereign support talks are listed there, these are on donation-base.

Please note that the workshops, classes, meditations & the Sovereign support 

can be used to support the healing work we are doing together or the program you are taking with me.

They can give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge

or learn more practices & exchange experiences with others ❤️ will get a 20% discount on the workshops & classes if you're in one of my programs!

If you feel like supporting my work, a donation would certainly be helpful! 

Also all my meditations & sovereign support talks are donation-based.

Just click on the button below & share what you can

I will receive it gratefully and thank you very much ❤️

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