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Here you will find more information about the several classes I give.

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Regenerative Community Building

Learn about

the essential elements and important practices

to co-create a regenerative culture

in your community.

In this class you will get many handholds

and lots if inspiration & ideas

about how to co-create

a more fulfilling way

of living together...

Easy, practical and fun!

The price for this 90 minute class

is 30E, materials included.

A minimum of 3 people is required...


Collective Trauma
& Cultural Deficit

In this class we'll have a look at the current world cultures, how we suffer from an actual cultural deficit in most places & become aware of the narrative of trauma underlying it all.

We'll discuss the state of separation and 

how this is actually an illusion,

designed to keep us away from our innate strength & capabilities.

Designing strategies to reintroduce

important elements that define us as humans

so we can co-create a new future

based on love & connection.



The price of this one hour class is 20E,

there is a minimum of 3 people required.


Deep Nature Connection

We are intricately connected to the Earth

and it is important to be aware of this,

for a more happy & healthy life!

In this workshop you'll learn about all the ways

our bodies are actually hard-wired for this connection

and we'll explore the many different ways

in which you can experience this

in your daily life...

You'll also learn about the natural cycles,

the elements, crystals & how to create

your own ceremonies & celebrations, 

and about the role of art  ❤️

This 90 minute workshop costs 30E 

and has a minimum of 3 people...

Designing for Peace  ❤️

If we want to create a new way of living together

there are some very useful handholds

that can help us to interact in a different way,

building peace into the very fabric of our interactions

To embrace our own uniqueness

we need to feel embedded in a supportive society

so we can truly embody this current energy shift

and start to co-create from love.

In this class you'll learn

what is needed to create peace 

on a personal, relational and collective level.

Come & be inspired!

This price for this 90 minute class is 30E,

this includes all materials.

There's a minimum of 3 people required.


Illusion of Separation

In this class we'll explore

the illusion of separation deeply.

Looking at our current state of duality,

and what is meant with 'Unity Consciousness'

Bringing this more into our awareness,

& learning to practice discernment

so you can start to (re)design your life

coming from a place of interconnection,

releasing duality and stepping into sovereignty.

We look at the events in the world

from a different point of view

and there will be time to discuss & share

about this in smaller groups

Come & change your perception

in a profound but loving way!


The price for this one hour class is 20E

there is a minimum of 3 people...


Shamanic Practices

Learning how to journey,

connecting to a power animal, 

retrieving a lost part of yourself,

or how to ask for guidance using meditation

These are just a few examples of what we can explore and learn in this one-hour workshop.

It can be given online or in a live setting.

Usually about two or three specific items

will be taught in one workshop, 

also taking time for exchange in smaller groups!

The price for this 90 minute workshop is for 

now 75E for 3 lessons, materials included.

There's a minimum of 3 people...

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