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Here you will find more information about the several workshops I give.

Workshops with sound healing you will find on the sound healing page!

Check out the overview for the upcoming events & to enroll 

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Trance dance

During a trance dance,

you'll dance blindfolded & intuitively

A chance to connect deeper to your inner world

while experiencing the expression in your body...

What wants to move? Where do you feel blocked?

Which emotion wants to be felt or released?

It's a moment of inspiration, vision,

but also of release & healing

To embody what truly lives inside you

building strength, compassion & joy in life ❤️  

A trance dance is held in a ceremonial space.

After an introduction, the dance will start

and ends with a deep peaceful integration...

During the dance, I will keep you safe,

add live sounds & tend the healing space.

Sharing our experiences with a nice cup of tea

afterwards gives us time to connect and land

before entering back into the world

There is a trance dance on Saturday 11/05/'24

More informatie & enrollment here  

Shamanic Practices

Learning how to 'journey',

connecting to a power animal, 

explore how to change your daily life

or ask for guidance using meditation.

This workshop exists of three to four lessons.

It can be given online or in a live setting.

You will receive exercises

to work with in between lessons

and there is time for exchange with others

to enhance your learning experience!

The price for this workshop is

75E to 100E per participant, materials included.

This comes down to 25E per lesson of 90'...

There's a minimum of 3 people.



Train your ability to manifest ❤️

 Learning about the key elements & practices to enhance and accelerate your manifestation power. 

You'll receive a deeper understanding of the principles of manifestation, inviting you to dive deeper into your inner reality and offering you powerful tools for deep manifestation work.

This private training exists

of three 90 minute online sessions.

The price for this training is 77E per session, materials included.

Deep Nature Connection

We are intricately connected to the Earth

and it is important to be aware of this,

for a more happy & healthy life!

In this workshop you'll learn about all the ways

our bodies are actually hard-wired for this connection

and we'll explore the many different ways

in which you can experience this

in your daily life...

You'll also learn about the natural cycles,

the elements, crystals & how to create

your own ceremonies & celebrations, 

and about the role of art  ❤️

This 90 minute workshop costs 25E 

and has a minimum of 3 people...


Non-violent Communication

In this workshop, 

you will learn the basic principles of 

non-violent communication

and practice this in smaller groups.

We will also have a look at the importance

of gratitude in our daily lives

and learn a few different methods

to implement this

in an easy, joyful way

The price for this 90 minute workshop is 

 25E per participant, materials included

There's a minimum of 3 people...

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