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I walk my Path from deep surrender, in loving trust & with sparkling joy.

With a strong connection to the Unseen world & rooted deeply in the amazing power of Earthly life

I want to be of service to the awakening of mankind.



My name is Joyce, 47 years young

and enjoying the path of healing & sound!

I've always made my way, deciding upon intuition and curiosity.

I travelled long and far, to beautiful countries and fascinating cultures. Afterwards, I had challenging but interesting jobs as a social worker, often with youngsters or families in distress.  


Enjoying movement and sound, I became a trancedance-facilitator

followed by a three-year course to become a shamanic (sound)healer

and started giving trancedances and sound healing concerts.

I also continued to learn shamanic practices.


I try to live in the NOW, following what is pure, 

trusting my inner guidance and working from essence as much as possible! 


I took a training in Breathwork & Rebirthing,

a powerful method to release old trauma blocks, getting the energy flowing again, so healing can take place on a very profound level!

After this, I received an education in Reiki (I and II),

a way to bring direct healing & new movement in your energy body.

I started remote work, discovering the many possibilities and the deep, profound effect.


I work with sound healing combined with other forms of healing work:

shamanic medicine, light work, channeling, guided journeying,...

Attuning myself to what is needed in the moment & my spiritual guides assist me.


                         The nature of my work is pure & simple, aimed at essence.

                                   I developed a skill set that fits me perfectly.

It is a time of spiritual development!

Raising our awareness & frequencies, exploring our multi-dimensional being 

and preparing to step into sovereign Galactic Citizenship.

Through my interest in community I encountered 8Shields and it was 

as if all my pieces fit together in one design: ancient knowledge about natural connection and creating a close-knitted community! 

As project manager for an ecovillage project in France I could apply this instantly and  I attended several more courses during that time, like Cultural Mentoring, Designing for Peace and Regenerative Community Building (Village Building)

With GAIA Education I participated in the Ecovillage Design Education

(& the TOT), and took the Designer in Social Sustainability course.


I lived for a while in the big community of Damanhur, a beautiful and spiritual place at the feet of the northern mountains and became part

of a group of creatives to develop an ecovillage project there. 

As of 2023 I am a trainer at Valka, a wonderful organisation around rites of passage, nature connection & community building! 


This is Ronan, my amazing friend and loving teacher...with never ending energy and enthusiasm! A true fox-terrier ❤️

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