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In the silence of your Heart, you can hear your Spirit song ✨

🌈 My work is aimed at supporting you

in your process of healing, awakening and embodiment. 

Gaining insight and clarity, feeling essence.


Embracing truth and who you truly are,

finding peace and joy in every day,

navigating the new energy! 



 Restoration & transformation work  







Below this section you'll find practical information,

a little bit about me, a few testimonials about my sound healing work and a book I wrote...       Enjoy :)

Coming home to yourself


Spiritual Healing

My work is aimed at supporting you

in your process of healing, awakening and embodiment. 


I offer healing, coaching, mentoring

& healing support (meditations,...)

besides specific work: Earth healing, energetic clearings, guidance in entering or leaving this life.


Sound Healing

Sound healing is a beautiful, direct way

to support your healing & transformation.


While this is the base for my healing work,

you can also experience sound healing through different workshops,

guided meditations and sound journeys

or receive a sacred healing song, attuned specifically to your needs.


Regenerative Culture

We are on a collective journey, reinventing ourselves and our world.

Co-creating a regenerative culture.


I offer counseling, coaching and trainings in community building

grounded deeply in the 

8Shields-framework of

nature connection.


Dragon Dreaming

From an intentional, guided meditation you enter the sound healing journey. 

You open yourself for healing, inspiration & revitalising energy.


The journey ends in Silence.

A true gift to yourself!


Saturday 13th of April

Secret Garden Hasselt


More information & subscription here




Blind Dance

A blindfolded, intuitive dance â¤ï¸


 You connect deeply to your inner world & experience it's expression in your body. To release, for healing or to receive energy & new insights


An amazing dancing journey!

Saturday 11th of May

Secret Garden Hasselt


More information & subscription here 

Shamanic Journeying

Learning how to journey

for inner guidance & support,

connecting to the unseen world 

and the different possibilities.


This training exists

of three to four lessons

and can be live or online

in a group or in private 



More information & subscription here





Train your ability to manifest â¤ï¸


 Learning about the key elements & practices to enhance and accelerate your manifestation power. 


This training exists

of three online sessions

offering you deep manifestation work.


More information & subscription here 



General information








About me

From deep surrender,

with loving trust

and in vibrant joy,

I walk my Path in life 



It is more important then ever, to have access to guidance & support, 

so we are able to deeply connect with ourselves,

each other and the world around us!


To learn how to connect with and navigate the new energy arising on earth, 

so we can create a different world together, based on love ðŸ’•

I am so grateful to be of Service in these amazing times! 


Inviting you to become JOY-full :) :) :)



Lovingly,    Joyce


I had the privilege to receive a sound healing journey by Joyce twice, such a treat!
It's really a journey I'm on where the sounds bring me to all different places.
The loving energy and care is so nurturing, beautiful!
It's clear that Joyce is a skilled professional;
in the sounds that she uses and in space holding.
An experience I recommend to all!

trance dance evening with Joyce...

You succeed every time to work in a certain theme through your choice of music,

so in no time you are lingering in heavenly realms.

What really speaks to me in the build up of the performance, are the different dance rhythms,

that you can carry out intuitively, in function of the emotions that arise for you in the moment.

Sharing about your experiences afterwards is always a part of the evening with you. 



Joyce gives deep energy healings, while working with her guides.

Using Reiki, sounds & voice she gives healing as needed,

in attunement with you & your system, for example to free blockages,

so your energy can flow freely again. 

If she sings you a healing song,

she will record it for you to take home,

so you can re-listen to it whenever you feel like it,

this then deepens the healing effect, I find.

Results of a healing can range from deep relaxation,

releasing or having emotional break-throughs.

She also will convey to you what she saw or felt

during the healing work and share any additional messages she received.

This can be very helpful information for your healing process.

I would definitely recommend her work!


Joyce's sound healing is extraordinary.

I went in with very little expectations and was so happy I went in the end!

Her sound healing is better than most because she has a wide variety of instruments that make the experience really vivid & magical! It was a full mind, body and soul experience,

I could feel it's effect in many levels at the same time. It allowed me to surrender completely.

I was finally able to cry for the first time in months after the session, and found Joyce to be very supportive and attuned to hold this space. I had many realizations, visions and insights during it and later on that night in my dreams. I found this experience to be one of my new most useful healing methods and am so grateful I started working with Joyce.


A sound healing concert by Joyce is a bath of sensory experiences. 

Different energetic layers are being touched, one by one.

And while you are sinking into those layers,

the sounds string themselves together in a vibrating field.

wonderful place where you can just lay down in 'all that is'

and connect to your higher self.

felt touched, charged and at the same time empty & relaxed.

A delightful experience! 



Leven in werkelijkheid betekent dat je kan gaan leven

in een realiteit die jou als mens ondersteunt.

Die je sterker maakt, die je liefheeft en je laat groeien.

Deze realiteit creëren we SAMEN.


In dit boek laat ik zien op welke wijze onze huidige samenleving ons weghaalt bij onszelf. Hoe we amper nog werkelijk MENS kunnen zijn.

Ik zet een aantal zaken op een rij die dit veroorzaken, die ons meer en meer verhinderen om op ontspannen, creatieve en verbonden wijze te leven. 


Tegelijk geeft het boek je ook handvaten, inzichten in

hoe het anders kan en wat er moet veranderen.

Waarom het belangrijk is dat er verandering komt

en wat JIJ nu al kan doen of straks, morgen... 

Dingen waar je over kan gaan nadenken of die je kan doen, waar je je op kan richten.

Het zijn kleine stapjes die je dichter bij jezelf brengen en bij wat het is om werkelijk mens te zijn. 


Ik geloof dat het tijd is voor een overgangsmentaliteit: een open staat van zijn, gericht op de groei van onze samenleving naar iets nieuws. Een andere manier van samen leven, gebaseerd op enkele krachtige basiswaarden!

Waarin we samenwerken, gezonder leven en vrijheid ervaren in, niet enkel in WAT we doen maar ook in de manier WAAROP! Waar geld niet meer de hoofdrol speelt en we terug tijd maken voor de dingen des levens die belangrijk zijn voor ons. 


Zo zullen we stap voor stap, met liefdevolle aandacht, 

samen een NIEUWE REALITEIT creëren, 

waarin we als mens werkelijk kunnen gaan genieten van het leven!


Wil je dit boekje lezen? Bestel het via mail en het komt jouw kant op !


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