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Community Counseling

This can take the shape of one or a few sessions,

where you can receive information, counseling & tools

to support your process of community building,

involving the whole group or a subgroup of your community.

Counseling can be done in it's entirety online

but live-sessions can be added if possible.

The first exploration session is free of charge.

If we decide to work together,

we'll plan our first session. 

Things that can be part of the process is

group sessions around the current issues,

like stuck conversations, unbalanced energies, group safety, unclear goals or organisation issues.

Learning practices to make group communication more aligned and easy, creating safe space, enhancing social cohesion & team building.


Connecting more to the land, working with spiritual guidance, designing ceremonie or celebrations, exploring & implementing certain practices,...

The price of a session is 70E
(+ travel costs if needed)

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