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Some more information:

I offer healing & restoration work,

attuned to what is needed for you in the moment. 

This work comes in many shapes and forms,

here you can find some examples:  



Clearing & cleansing the energetic light body: often this is connected to doing sound healing work,

releasing old energies, liberating grief or reintegrating lost aspects of yourself.

Bringing in more light energy, open up for vitalizing energy, reconnect to positive feelings & joy. 

Centering yourself in connection to the earth and the universe, integrating male&female energy.

Reconnect your awareness from the mind into the heart and with the universal (source) energy.

Find inner stillness, learn how to trust on a deeper level, have access to your inner wisdom.

Become aware of your body of consciousness (the integrated body, mind & soul).

Connect more deeply to unconditional love & compassion, learn ways to embody this in your life.

Learn how to bring the new energy into your field of consciousness.

Feel how this energy can express itself through you, learn how to embody it and act from it.

Experience more freedom, learn how to feel the creative flow of life and reclaim your passion!

Help you discover the path of your spirit (your deepest self) and how to align with it more.

Connect to your essence and learn how to BE you & keep that connection in every day life.

Develop healthy boundaries and how to deeply accept yourself and others. 

Connect to your potential, see new ways of going forward, 

make choices and decisions from a state of trust, awaken your visionary energy. 

Allow life to emerge and reveal itself to you.

What can healing work do?

Would you like to feel more relaxed, connected & safe?

Do you know how to keep your energy and stay positive?

Can you feel love and compassion for yourself and others?

Do you want to make changes in your life but don't know where to start?

Maybe you feel like you need help to release (old) trauma energy or grief & sadness

or you have difficulties staying centered in your own being and in your energy?

Do you feel connected to others and the world around you?

Would you like to believe more in yourself,

decide and take action based upon your own feelings & ideas?

Do you want to feel more joy & fullfilment in your life?

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