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Community Coaching

This is a more extensive involvement,

where you'll receive mentoring in managing

your project in a holistic, regenerative way.

I offer you support on all levels of co-creating, organising & developing your project,

both practical and spiritual.

This is a more long-term exchange,

with both live & online sessions,

adjusted to the pace of the project.

Our introduction is a free session,

the first exploration requires more time

and has a fixed price of 40E.

What can you expect?

Work with safe space & non violent communication.

Receive blueprints of organisation & governing.

Learn about designing a peaceful community & transformational leadership.

Implement regenerative practices.

Get tools for evaluation & course correcting.

Gain insight on co-creational processes, spiritual guidance, networking & attracting your audience.


A working session is 80E (+travel cost)

I am also open for exchange-solutions!

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