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Sound healing concerts


Vesta - Schaffen 


Zaaltje Zeilstraat, Zeilstraat 15, Hasselt

The lovely attic space at Vesta, Langedijkstraat 36, Schaffen


Welcome from 19u45, start at 20u, end around 21u30

After the concert we take time to land

with a nice cup of tea ❤️

Price?   20E pp


Comfortable (thick) mat, a cozy blanket, maybe a pillow


via the website          or an email to

Trance dance

Price? 20E pp

Time? Welcome from 9u45, start at 10u, end at +-12u30


Beautiful ballet-studio in Diest,

Eduard Robeynslaan 29, 3290 Diest

Parking: along the E. Robeynslaan 

or at the Halve Maanplaats (2' walking distance)

   Subscribe on this site          or via

What to bring?

A blindfold or scarf, a mat & cozy blanket

Dance socks if you like that



What is a sound healing concert?

It's a moment in which you connect completely to yourself,

the sounds work deep into your body and your energetic system.

They awaken your senses and awareness on a deeper level,

while you surrender to a dreamy deep state of relaxation,

where new inspirations or insights can come to you.

The vibrational energy of the different sounds and their resonance in your body unlocks blockages, releases emotions & restores connections 

...the healing effect will reverberate throughout the night!


Different instruments are being used, like a gong, rattles & singing bowls, as well as voice & wonderfully relaxing aroma's!

Your body & your energy field are being blessed...

A true gift to yourself!


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